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Boudreaux’s New Drug Store is more than a typical chain-store pharmacy. Instead of filling your prescriptions and sending you off, we invite each patient to speak with us about their needs. Whether you need to change your pills into a liquid form or supplement your medication with specialty vitamins, we can help.

Stop by Boudreaux’s New Drug Store in Lake Charles, LA today to speak with our experienced pharmacists. We are a FULL SERVICE pharmacy and can help with all of your needs. We’ll get started on your care plan right away.


Personalized Service

At Boudreaux’s New Drug Store, we take pride in our ability to connect with our patients on a deeper level than your average pharmacy. We work with you to create a treatment plan based off of your medications and ailments. In addition to traditional prescription refill services, we offer:


No one’s situation is the same and you might need help getting to your best solution. We will work to assist you to create a medical regime that works for you.


Sometimes you need medication that is a different dosage or works with your allergies. Let us find your solution.

Nutritional Help

Certain diets and medications can make it hard for you to absorb all of the nutrients that you need. We can make specialized supplements that cater to your situation.


Expertise You Can Trust

Sometimes, medication alone is not enough to combat difficult ailments. When that’s the case, Boudreaux’s New Drug Store offers nutritional supplements and guidance to help the medication work to its full potential. We’ll meet with you, discuss your health issues and create a supplemental plan based on your needs.

To get started on your personalized consulting service, visit our pharmacy in Lake Charles, LA today. We’ll help you find the right supplements for your ailment.


Treat Anything

When paired with the right medicines, our supplements can help you combat a variety of ailments.



Heart Disease


Prostate Health


Doctor Approved

Trusted by Doctors

Boudreaux’s New Drug Store works diligently with every medical specialty group to meet your unique needs. Our team specializes in consulting with clients to come up with a customized solution often not available via traditional prescription protocols. We are a full service pharmacy, so we can help you with any of your pharmacy needs!

We can work with all medical fields, including pediatrics, oncology, respiratory, hospice, gastroenterology, and veterinary.


Personalized Service

Boudreaux’s New Drug Store is dedicated to providing each patient with personalized pharmacy services. You can trust us to give you the care and attention you need every time you visit.

Allergic to Medicine

After finding out I’m allergic to the medicine I needed, my doctor called over & Boudreaux’s was able to compound a medicine just for me all in the SAME day! And the staff was wonderful.



Great place for specialty medications. Friendly staff. They also offer delivery for a reasonable price; which is awesome being they are closed when I get off work.



The pharmacists are extremely nice and helpful!


I am Happy!

They had everything I needed and what they didn’t have in the store they ordered it and it came in really fast. I LOVE this place! They are friendly and don’t mind explaining things to you. They answered all my questions. I left happy.


Definitely Recommend

Michelle is very knowledgeable, helpful, courteous and very friendly. I definitely recommend this business!!


Always Ready on Time

I have been dealing with the pharmacy and staff for many years and I love it. They are so helpful and nice. My prescription is always ready on time and they go above and beyond to make sure it is.


I Will Use Them Forever.

The staff are sooooo friendly and super helpful. They got my medicine ready super fast and told me how important it was to take it as prescribed. I love the staff and the girls up front were so nice to me and my family. I will use them forever.


I Highly Recommend

The service is professional and personal. It does not take long and all of my questions were answered. I highly recommend.



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M-F: 8:30am – 5:30pm
S-S: Closed


404 East Prien Lake Road
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